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Loc. Lido, 57031 Capoliveri (LI) Isola d'Elba - Italia
Tel. +39. 0565.933068 Fax. +39.0565.933068 (Reception)
Cell. +39.335.8022027 (Carlo)

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For everyone who loves the sea, for professional underwater divers and for those of you who want to feel the emotion of your first underwater dive, Talas puts its PADI Dive Center at your disposal.

Situated inside the "El Menzel" residence in the locality of 'Lido di Capoliveri' and only 100m away from the beach, the Talas Diving Center is equipped with a modern and organised structure which includes equipment rinsing tanks, changing rooms, storeroom, classroom complete with all the necessary didactic material for teaching programmes: PADI, FIAS, HSA, PSA, IANTO e Dan Oxigen.

Video Full Day con il Talas Diving Center (1,1 Mb)

Il nostro centro

The Diving Center is equipped with an ARA refilling unit with Olmeva and LW compressors and with a refilling ramp to mix NITROX, TRIMIX as well as Oxygen, Argon, Helio with an OIL-FREE RIX compressor that guarantees pure air free from oil vapours and with the right level of humidity.

The Center's Storeroom is equipped with a large amount of wet suits, semi-watertight and watertight, Mares voltrex regulators with octos and dive computers, 747 Free Shark and OMS buoyancy compensators, as well as complete equipment for technical diving. Nikonos V, videocameras, Sony protective covers, flashlights, 50 to 400 watt torches, various lenses, underwater vehicles and an equipped workshop complete the list.

PADI eLearning

Loc. Lido, 57031 Capoliveri (LI) Isola d'Elba - Italia
Tel. +39. 0565.933572 Fax. +39.0565.933572 (Reception)
Cell. +39.335.8022027 (Carlo)